Into The Light with Crazy Cait

Episode 7: Tapping Into Your Inner Alien

March 29, 2021

Episode 7: Tapping Into Your Inner Alien

On this episode of Into The Light with Crazy Cait, I am shaking things up a bit and we're going to have some fun talking about Aliens.

First off, what do Aliens have to do with health, wellness and tapping into your inner healer?!

Well, this is a topic that I have not always been comfortable talking about, and anytime you prevent yourself from speaking your truth or from showing up as your true authentic self, you can negatively impact your wellbeing. 

So today, I am speaking my truth.

This episode is about tapping into the primal nutrient of connection. It's about identifying where you lack connection, and finding a meditative state that allows you to connect to source - or god, or the earth, or the universe, or love, or energy, whatever YOU consider "source" - in order to become more grounded and to find fulfillment.  

The more grounded you are, the more connection you'll feel - to ALL life.  


Notes to help you Tap Into Your Inner Healer:

  • Keep in mind that my truth is different from your truth.
  • I understand that this topic may not resonate with you. And that is OK.
  • We all have different truths and realities, different beliefs and belief systems, but we are all divinely unique and that is the coolest thing about the human experience.
  • The Aliens that I am talking about today are different from the Aliens that you have seen in movies and on TV. 
  • The Aliens I am talking about are beings that exists from a different territory, a different space and time and even a different dimension.
  • These Aliens often come in the form of frequency and energy and can require a channeler to translate it into the language that we can understand.


Feed Your Wellness Challenge:

  1. Keep an open mind, remember our truths are different, and listen to other people's truths without judgement. Let's honor each other's experiences - and our own.
  2. Tell me about your experiences with aliens, extra terrestrials, channeling - any of it, all of it. Drop me a DM in Instagram or email me at


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